What is a Float Pod?

A Float Pod, also known as a Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) Pod, is like a shallow, body-temperature hot tub filled with about 10 inches of water and 1,000 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), enabling the user to experience the benefits of weightlessness.

Is the Water Sanitary?

Absolutely.  Floaters shower before and after entering the Pod.  Moreover, the water is saturated with so much high-grade Epsom Salt that no bacteria can survive.  The water is also circulated through a state-of-the art UV filter, as well as an ozonator and skimmer multiple times after each float, as well as being treated with hydrogen peroxide.  The water in the Float Pod is far more sanitary than any swimming pool or jacuzzi.

What If I’ve Experienced Claustrophobia Before?

You are more than welcome to float with the lid open the whole time if you wish.  Even when closed, the lid is not locked and can be easily opened it at anytime.  The lights can also be left on.  You are in control the entire time, as you direct your own experience throughout your wonderful float.

What About Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women are more than welcome to experience a float.  In fact, floating can help relieve pressure or pain from pregnancy.  Some women have reported feeling a deep connection with their baby during the float, likely because now the baby and mother are immersed in a similar state of weightlessness.  Of course, women who are pregnant should always consult with their midwife or physician before doing a float.

Are There Any Dangers?  Can I Suffocate or Drown?

There have been no recorded dangerous side effects from floating.  The lid is not airtight and the vents inside the Pod provide constant airflow.  It is virtually impossible to roll over during a float.  Even if someone were to voluntarily lie face down, the intense stinging of salt in the eyes and nose would promptly cause them to change positions.

How Long Do I Float?

The average float lasts about an hour.  Longer floats are available upon request, and experienced floaters tend to enjoy longer floats.

Can Two People Float in the Pod At the Same Time?

Yes. Our float pod is big enough for two average people floating in opposite directions ( head to feet , feet to head ). Dropping into a deep state of relaxation with your partner is a very bonding shared experience. And of course floating individually is great also.

I’ve Never Been Able to Float Before – In Pools or At the Beach I Usually Sink.  Will I Be Able to Float?

Yes, no matter size or weight, everyone is able to float.  The high Epsom Salt concentration pushes you upward, making you float like a cork.  Just lie back and relax…

Do You Wear Anything in the Float Pod?

Floating is done nude, as any clothing may cling to or cause irritation to the skin, making it harder for the floater to relax.  Clothing also carries unwanted bacteria.

Is There a Proper Way to Float?

There is no proper way to float.  Most people find a comfortable position, with arms either by their side, crossed over their chest, or behind their head.  Arms and legs slightly bent can offer the most relaxation.  Experiment with different positions to find out which is most comfortable for you.  Relaxing your head to let it float on its own, without trying to hold it up, achieves the greatest benefits.