Tranquility and Therapeutic Options:

Color Therapy

Inside the Pod is a light for those who wish mood lighting for the session.  You may adjust the the color of the light to suit your desired effect.

Music and Audio

Outside of the Pod is a Smart Phone dock where you can insert your phone to play your favorite music or audio.  Alternatively, you can request music via the speakers inside the Pod.

Complete Silence and Darkness

Floating relaxed in silence with the Pod closed for darkness is the recommended mode, since Floatation Pods were designed for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST).  We have found that almost all guests (even those thinking they are claustrophobic) prefer floating in silence with the lights off. This enables areas of the brain that are constantly in use when awake to enter a state of deep relaxation.  Tests have shown that REST induces a decrease in the brain’s electrical activity and the onset of deep, relaxing Theta brain waves.  Floating in darkness recalibrates left and right brain activity, shifting the predominance of activity from the normally dominant left side of the brain (logical, analytical, rational) to the right side (intuition, mental clarity and creativity), unlocking previously unavailable brain potential.

Inside the Floatation Pod Are Features For You:

  • An intercom to get an attendant for any need or question.  Just press the silver button and speak.
  • A small water bottle is provided so if you get salt in your eyes, you may rinse your eyes with fresh water.  A dry towel is provided as well.
  • A small blow up floating pillow is provided if you wish to use one.
  • You may bring your own water to drink.  Remember you don’t want to drink too much as you will have to go outside to use the restroom.

Please Note the Following Before Arriving for Your Float Session:

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  2. Be sure to use the restroom before entering the Floatation Pod.
  3. Do not shave within 24 hours of your session.  The water’s high salt content is very irritating to freshly shaved skin.  We provide Vaseline to cover small cuts and grazes.
  4. Remove all jewelry, hair pieces, and accessories before floating.
  5. We provide Swimming Caps as your hair will get wet.  However these do not keep your hair completely dry.  We recommend putting hair up in a hair clip if you don’t want to wear a cap.  Epsom Salt is a great hair volumizer and has NO effect on hair colors or dyes.
  6. Floating is NOT recommended within 48 hours of new hair coloring or treatment.
  7. Earplugs are provided on the table near the water.  Open package, roll each plug into a completely round ball and insert into ear.  Please cover whole ear canal to prevent any water from entering.  These plugs may be saved and used again for multiple Floats.
  8. Avoid touching the eyes and face during your Float to prevent eye irritation/burning from the high salinity of the water.  A fresh water bottle to rinse eyes and a dry towel are provided inside the Pod.
  9. It is recommended that you do not eat a big meal or drink caffeine within two hours of your float session.
  10. We provide an outside shower with body soap, shampoo and conditioner.  In the Float Room, we also provide: robes, slippers, towels, water, ear plugs, tray for personal items, Vaseline and a Experience Journal. Complimentary ice water is available after the Float.
  11. Wait at least 24 hours after tatoos or piercings before floating.
  12. It is recommended not to float after extensive tanning or sunburns.
  13. Larger cuts or open wounds should be healed before doing a Float.  If you do have a small cut, we provide Vaseline to cover them.
  14. Bring a contact case and solution to take off your contact lenses before your Float.
  15. We ask that you honor our 24-hour cancellation policy.

How to Best Enjoy Your Float Session:

  • Shower before floating, using shower gel and shampoo to rid hair and body of make-up, oil, dirt or lotion. Do not use conditioner during shower before float.
  • Put ear plugs in, and make sure they are rolled into a ball before inserting them.
  • Cover cuts, scrapes or severely dry skin with Vaseline provided to prevent salt from stinging those areas.
  • Carefully step in the Pod, pull the lid down using the interior handle above you, and sit slowly with your back facing the opening of the Pod and your hands under you.
  • Let your legs float up and out from under you slowly, and lay back, keeping your head on the end of the Pod that opens.
  • Everybody has a different preference for arm placement while floating.  Try placing them along your sides, out to the sides or behind your head.  There is no wrong way.
  • The most difficult body part to release is the neck.  Bring your focus back to your neck often throughout your session, and notice if it is relaxed or tense. The best way to let go is to arch the neck all the way back and release it, letting the water stop it right where it should be.
  • You control the light during your session.  Push the round white button labeled “Lights”.
  • If requiring assistance while in the Pod, push the silver button for the intercom..
  • When your session has ended, slowly sit up, keeping your head tilted back to prevent salt from running down into your eyes.
  • Push the lid up, and stand up.  Wring the excess water from your hair back into the Pod.
  • Step out of the Pod carefully on the blue grid.  A robe and towel rack is on the wall near you.
  • Shower using shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and body, making sure to remove all salt from your skin.

People with the following conditions are prohibited from floating: epilepsy, women in the first trimester of pregnancy, infectious diseases, suicidal tendencies, open skin wounds, as well as children under 16.  Under no circumstances will anyone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs be allowed to float. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

A $200 a fine will be assessed for peeing in the pod.  This will be strictly enforced.